Mary Moye Monroe, Psy.D., P.C.

Dr. Mary Monroe is a licensed clinical psychologist, professor, and consultant in Denver.  She holds a BA in psychology from Cornell University and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Denver.  Dr. Monroe has provided clinical services at a wide range of hospitals, treatment centers, and schools.  She is a popular presenter to psychologists, medical students, and parents.  She is also an adjunct professor and supervisor in the University of Denver doctoral psychology program.

Dr. Monroe had a previous life as a rock climbing instructor and experiential educator.  She has also served as the director of a non-profit day care program serving families with HIV/AIDS.  In these various capacities, Dr. Monroe has helped hundreds of children and adults overcome challenges and improve the quality of their lives.  In her spare time, you can find her at a yoga studio or center stage at concerts, probably dancing with her twin daughters and their intrepid father, Mike.  

In practice, Dr. Monroe’s methods stem from three major philosophies:

Cognitive-behavioral (or CBT)
Positive Psychology

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