Many clients like to preview and prepare the documents that I typically provide upon meeting you.  While you do not need to complete these prior to our first visit, you are welcome to download and complete them if you wish.  Do not sign any forms that are unclear or about which you have questions, and please bring questions to my attention so that I can explain my practice to you in person. 

Consent Form: By law, all psychologists use consent forms that provide information regarding credentials, payment policies, and legal and ethical issues.  This form must be agreed to and signed in order for us to work together.  Do not sign the form until you feel comfortable with the information, and be sure to let me know of any questions you might have about it. 

Life History Questionnaire: This form provides me with a lot of background information about you.  Some people like to spend a lot of time on this questionnaire, while others are brief or prefer to communicate information verbally.  Feel free to answer it at your level of comfort.
Client Information Sheet: This provides your basic contact and referral information.  Be sure to note confidentiality considerations.  

Release of Information: This form allows me to have contact with another professional in order to provide you with the best possible continuity of care.  If you would like me to talk to another doctor, therapist, etc., you will complete this form.  If I speak with another of your providers, I will let you know the content of that conversation.  Also, even if I have a general Release of Information, I will let you know when I communicate with another provider.  I will also provide copies of any written materials shared with other providers, and will consult with you prior to sharing them.

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